Calvary Chapel Fort Portal began as an outreach ministry of Gold Country Calvary Chapel in Northern California, under the covering of Far Reaching Ministries. In March 2003 pastor Douglas and his wife Destiny moved to Uganda with the intention of beginning a Bible teaching church in western Uganda. After working for a year and a half with Calvary Chapel Kampala, the doors opened for them to move to Fort Portal, and in only a few months they were able to find a suitable place to rent and hold church services.

     Rather than attempt to build a large church quickly, the desire and vision has always been to build a strong church that would in turn reach out to the world with the gospel of Christ. The feeling at CCFP is one of brotherly love and excitement for God's word. The desire continues to be the same; teach the people verse by verse through the Bible, and see what God does. Though new programs and ministries have arisen, it has truly been a blessing to see the Lord build His house in the way He desires.

UPdate 2016: Pastor Doug and Destiny have handed off this ministry to Pastor Nicolas and returned home in June 2016.  The ministry continues alive and well in Fort Portal.

      Pastor Doug and Destiny have accepted a position at Shoreline Church, Tauranga, New Zealand.  May the Lord Bless the works in Fort Portal and New Zealand.

For more informatoin: www.calvaryfortportal.com

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